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Mont Ventoux

It is a famous mountaintop because of the many cyclists trying to reach it. But actually the whole region and not just the mountain is very popular among cyclists. Even in the fall when this painting was made, you see many having a holiday on a loaded bike or passing you by as a whirlwind on their racing bikes.

I walked up a hill at to approx. 900 m and installed my easel and a board for a quick oil-sketch. Climbing the hill was nice but at the top a chilly wind didn’t make it very pleasant to stay for long. I made a quick sketch with charcoal and decided to fill in the first layer in the hotel with oil. Two days later I returned to the same spot but now dressed for the autumn weather in Haute Provence.

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I created this blog to share my passion for art but also to keep friends updated on my sketches and paintings. 

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