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Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an amazing place. Gambling is not my hobby but looking at people certainly is. And there is a lot to see. Stepping away from the busy area with beautiful hotels and fascinating decorations you may find yourself in the Las Vegas Mall.

The colours are not yelling at you like on the Strip but the decorations of the shops and the people certainly are not boring. Sitting on a bench, I saw this woman with a black cast around her foot. Despite her obvious handicap she was dressed for an outing. I liked the colours and her hair so I made a picture with my mobile. She saw me but obviously didn’t care. She was completely immerged in het own mobile conversation and so I made a few more pictures. Later, looking at these holiday pictures, I had to admit that I made a complete fotoshoot of this lady. And I still liked it and decided to use many of these fotos to reconstruct the moment I saw her.

It look me a while to get it right and while painting I was wondering what attracted me in this lady. It is not easy to say but I think it is her joy in living. Obviously she is handicapped with her cast but somehow it doesn’t matter to her. She is dresses in a happy manner with vivid colours (actually better than the mannequin in the shopwindow), has found a way of convenient transportation and remains connected using her mobile. She is a happy. Her handicap is irrelevant and I think that is what attracted me.

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