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Marker Wadden

Markermeer (Marker Lake) is not a lake but a part of Ijsselmeer (Ijssel Lake).  IJsselmeer however  is not a lake but reclaimed piece of the Zuiderzee  (Zuider Sea).  Zuiderzee  was once a sea but that was before it was damned in 1932. Now it is a freshwater lake. Marker Wadden  is not comparable to Wadden Sea because it is in freshwater. It also has no tides since it is not connected to the sea. Like almost everything in that area, it is entirely men made and it started as a project in 2016. The project was (and still is)  to build artificial islands and leave them to nature to do something beautiful with it. New islands are still created.

You can’t live there but you can visit it and enjoy the beauty that nature made of these artificial wetlands.

The whole project is under supervision of Natuurmonumenten and  with the help of hundreds of volunteers it is becoming a small paradise for birds and a beautiful place to visit.

Once you get there with a boat you feel as if you are on a holiday and I had to make pictures that I could use later as an inspiration for my aquarelle experiments.

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