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The Kitchen Maid (J. Vermeer)

Yesterday it was revealed that using specific cameras it was possible to look through the superficial layers of ‘Het Melkmeisje’. The picture is made by Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675). You can find it at Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. It turns out more objects were once in the kitchen.  Below that layer even traces of black paint have been found, showing the contours of the objects. This type of research will  be done on all available Vermeer paintings in preparation for a Vermeer exhibition next year.

When studying the history of art using Gombrich, I decided to make  a summary of every chapter and also a sketch. Describing 17th century resulted in my pencil version of ‘the kitchen maid’.

Time to update this post since I just went to Rijksmuseum to see the 29 painting by Vermeer. And here she is. The original Melkmeisje.

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