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Small Sketchbook

It is really a small sketchbook. Just 9×9 cm. I have no idea how I got it and initially no idea what to use it for. But on the front, it says ‘Watercolor sketch album’ so I started to use it with watercolors and pen.  On the back is a website and once I visited the site I knew I bought it in Vilnius.

Because of its size, it is ideal as a vignette of a person being in front of you at airport or metrostation. I also used it to illustrate some films that I saw. These are just brief moments that normally quickly fade away. Once sketched on even this small paper, the memories stay.

The sketch album has 24 pages. There are 4 left. I am looking forward to use them all and maybe buy a new album when I am in Vilnius again.

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