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Holiday Sketch album

Instead of creating a photo album, I opted to assemble a holiday sketch album. Taking photos is undoubtedly simpler, and perhaps  for capturing memories might even produce superior results. However, I found a lot of fun in sitting amidst the garden, attempting to immortalise a butterfly on paper. But it wasn’t easy. The scene of individuals sitting beneath their beach umbrellas  at Soline in Croatia offers a sufficiently steady subject for my sketching attempts. Conversely, my dog is in a perpetual state of motion. In such cases, a fusion of observation and a quick snapshot from a mobile phone assists in making the sketch. Reflecting upon this collection of sketches, it still gives a nice impression of the vacation in Croatia. Through my first experience as a day-sketcher, I learned a lot, although I must admit that I undertook the task of colouring several of the sketches days later, only upon my return from the holiday. Day sketching is not as easy as it looks.

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