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Painting from winter 2021-2022

It is winter 2022-2023. What can I say? After two days of freezing (and some ice) we now have temperatures above 10 o C. It feels like spring. At 7:30 it is still dark but that is the only sign that we are in the ‘dark season’. I intended to make a painting of my pear tree during this winter but that is going to be difficult. No inspiration. Too warm. So this picture is from a winter morning last year. The air was cold, mud as hard as rock and the grass was frozen. But there was a warm glow of the morning sun. I liked the contrast between the colours of the frozen grass and the sky.

My dog was running, keeping his head high and sniffing the fresh air.  Happy as usual whenever he is outside. I stayed for a while looking at the landscape wondering if I could catch the feeling in a painting. My dog returned several times to see what I was  staring at. His nose could not detect anything special.

It is an oil painting on board.

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