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The African Desperate (Movie 2022)

The African Desperate

Palace just graduated following a hilarious final interview with her teachers and has one day left before she is supposed to leave New York and go back to her family. There is a party to finalize the year and she doesn’t want to go but she goes. What follows is a colorful, surrealistic, alcohol and drugs induced evening with everything that you might expect. A movie directed by Martine Syms with Diamond Stingily as Palace. Being a Master of Fine Arts is not easy, we learn from Palace. Martine is an artist with many talents and ambitions. I saw also a cartoon film  she made. Soliloquy. Martine created an avatar Kita commenting on everyday life. Without subtitles in English, it is difficult to understand.  But once you get used to all the Yo-this and Yo-that, it is funny.

Diamond Stingily is not only a wonderful actress in this movie but has many other talents herself. A poet, a writer, a sculptor and in many ways an artistic entrepreneur open to many ways of expression. For me, two artists to follow in the coming years.

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