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Drunken Master (Movie 1978)

Starting with Drunken Master as a first martial arts movie is great. The whole mysticism around kung-fu is broken into laughter. Jackie Chan knows best how to mesmerize you with his movements while at the same time keeps you smiling.

The film was made in 1978 and connoisseurs call it martial arts comedy. It is not the first film in this genre but certainly the most well known and it made Jackie Chan famous in Asia…and actually everywhere.

Later on a sequel has been made and even a second one.

The film is obviously fantasy but based on a real character called Wong Fei-hung, a martial artist and physician. Even the style has some real historical background in Hung Ga, a Shaolin style.

If you can’t really discover Jackie Chan in this small watercolor sketch, I won’t be surprised. It is not my best. 😉 After watching the three movies on one evening I had to use my last 9x9cm aquarelle paper to mark this evening.

The small sketch album is now completely used and for a while I will make slightly bigger watercolor sketches but it was a good exercise. And the paper is excellent.

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