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The Mallow Coloured Garden (Book: Branko Ćopić)

I chose to read “The Mallow Coloured Garden” as a farewell gesture to the children’s books that once captivated me, and which I now plan to donate to a local school. I was a child when I first read this book, and I still love it. The author, Branko Ćopić, could be found on the […]

Alan Ford

Alan Ford was my preferred comic during my teenage years, and it continued to hold its charm for me later, whenever I managed to get my hands on one of those booklets. I found this comic appealing on various levels at different points in my life. During my adolescence, I enjoyed the humor, language, and […]

Tales from the Caribbean

Sometimes the bookshop at the museum is more inspiring than the exhibition. The exhibition, I am talking about was well received, so it is probably my lack of understanding (or interest) of the subject than the quality of the curated work. But then, there is always the shop. And in such a shop I found […]