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Shanghai Chef

Shanghai is an amazing place. I have been there several times for fun or to visit my son who studied there. It was the time just before Covid and we walked through the city and enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere. Huge shops and malls can be situated just between smaller ones and private restaurants seem to be everywhere.

I don’t know what exactly attracted me to this scenery but I know that I initially passed it by and then returned to look at it again. Quickly I made some pictures and kept looking for a while. It looked peaceful and that is strange because the street was busy, noisy and certainly not peaceful. The Chef didn’t care. He was in his world somewhere hidden in his mobile phone.

While painting I discovered that I captured some of our modern addictions: smoking, mobility and social media. I tried to replicate the signs as good as I could so not to write something stupid or offensive by accident. Hopefully I succeeded.

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