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Provence and Lavender

In the past years we made several trips to Provence and the sketches, aquarelles and paintings start to merge into one big holiday. Initially I tried to distinguish one visit from an other but I actually like to combine them into my memory. Now it is one feast of colour, taste and smell and of course that happy holiday feeling that everything is possible but nothing necessary.

 This aquarelle on postcard format was quite a challenge because, despite the fact that every colour should be possible using primary colours, violet was impossible to make. This the best I can but it’s not what I have seen. Lavender is more saturated, more intense. On the other hand there are so many different lavender variations there must be one with exactly this colour.

Back at the hotel and sitting on a balcony  I could not resist to make an other postcard of the tennis court.  The red of the gravel was easily replicated. In fact that may not be that surprising since red gravel is in fact made of crushed red bricks. The bricks get their colour during firing where iron oxide is formed, a substance often used as a pigment in all kind of painting materials. 

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