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Paul de Blot

I met Paul at the Nyenrode Business University and he was a phenomenon. He combined his wisdom as a deeply spiritual person, with business-like insights. It is an intriguing combination and sometimes a difficult one to understand. However, in his mind and behavior it was logical and natural.

Despite his age, he was involved in everything around him. Everything in and outside the University seemed to be worth his attention. Above all, he was kind and willing to listen to everybody.

During almost every official event at the University, Paul was present. In the end, he found it difficult to put his gown on, but Beadle was always there to help. It was during such a moment that I decided to paint him.

I asked for permission. ‘Why me?’, he asked. ‘I am an old ugly man, take a young girl as a model’. ‘Beauty is a relative notion’, I said,  and with that argument I convinced him to give me permission to make a painting.

I wanted to surprise him and give him his portrait during a gathering at the beginning of the Year. Usually everybody is present. Everybody except Paul. He died just a few weeks before.


Since I suddenly had no one to give my painting to, I put it on the wall at the University just to honor our beloved teacher. The idea was to leave it there for a few hours and then use the canvas again and paint something else. Our Beadle asked if she could have it. She frame the painting and gave it a permanent place in the executive lounge of the University.

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