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Marker Wadden (again)

Marker Wadden

Marker Wadden and the nature there gave such an inspiration I had to make more sketches. And sketching sand is something I haven’t done before so that was challenging as can be seen 🙂 .In fact I made an other one of some grass on a dune.

Marker Waarden Dune

The paper I use is really nice. It is called Khadi and it is 100% recycled cotton paper. It is great for lifting but somehow everything I do on it becomes pastel-like. So my grass is unintentionally very fluffy. On the other hand it gives that lazy relaxed atmosphere where nothing is sharp or clear. Exactly the way it felt walking on the Marker Wadden that day. Paper is more important than I initially thought so I will have to experiment with other paper types. And I am not sure that this type of paper is ideal for nature or landscape sketching.

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