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Hercules at the Royal Academy in London

The colossal statue  at the Royal Academy is truly remarkable and impossible to overlook. A closer look reveals that the man is depicted with a lion skin and head held beneath his arm. So it must be Hercules after he  completed one of his twelve legendary tasks. Interestingly, the statue is a specially crafted cast […]

A Hunting Dog at Masterpiece London ’22

If I had the money I would have spend it on this small sculpture in bronze of a hunting dog. It was for sale at the Masterpiece Art Fair ’22 in London It reminded me of the dog I had when I was a child. He was a pointer, a hunting dog. My dog […]


A few years ago I went to Belgrade (Serbia) with family just to be there, visit some museums and see some art that my mother loved so much. While I was waiting for her to arrive, I made this small sketch of people inside the Schiphol airport. Now in 2022 that would probably be outside […]

Museo Rally Marbella

The Rally museums is actually a group of 5 museums founded by the banker Harry Recanati. The museum in Marbella is one of them. The museums are open to public free of charge since the founder wanted to share his collection of modern Latin American arts with as many people as possible. The museums are […]

Statue in Ronda, Spain

Not far away from Marbella, there is a nice old city called Ronda. It is on two high cliffs with a canyon in between with a  river called Guadalevin. It is famous for the three bridges  over that canyon but above all it is an old city with a history starting at the Roman times. […]