Painting, Sketching & Enjoying Arts

Holiday Sketch album

Instead of creating a photo album, I opted to assemble a holiday sketch album. Taking photos is undoubtedly simpler, and perhaps  for capturing memories might even produce superior results. However, I found a lot of fun in sitting amidst the garden, attempting to immortalise a butterfly on paper. But it wasn’t easy. The scene of […]

Drunken Master (Movie 1978)

Starting with Drunken Master as a first martial arts movie is great. The whole mysticism around kung-fu is broken into laughter. Jackie Chan knows best how to mesmerize you with his movements while at the same time keeps you smiling. The film was made in 1978 and connoisseurs call it martial arts comedy. It is […]

Venice, Italy

Venice is probably my favorite place to be. My first visit was when I was very young and I remember only the ice cream and the boat that brought us there. As a student I decided to go there every second year during the Art Biennale. I have never missed a year except for the […]

Child with a dove

Using ink I tried to recreate a picture Child with a dove by Picasso . A postcard with that picture was in my room when I was young. Someone has send it to me. It is an iconic painting that has an interesting provenance and an art-historical value but for me it is just a […]

Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Movie 2010)

Cave of Forgotten Dreams is a documentary movie by Werner Herzog. It describes the research, but also the emotions around the  Chauvet Cave in Southern France. The cave is closed for public but it is extensively researched, digitalized and scientifically described. Despite all this knowledge the question remains: what was the cave used for and what […]

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is in the air. Making complicated pictures with just a few text prompts is easy. Although laws of physics are not always obeyed but that applies to some surrealist paintings too. No problems there. This first picture is obtained by asking for a colored rain on a street. The colors were challenging to […]

My uncle’s house

My uncle invited me to visit him but unfortunately I could not. To good thing is that it gave me the opportunity to make a watercolour sketch of his house. The same house where I spend some summers as a child.

Small Sketchbook

It is really a small sketchbook. Just 9×9 cm. I have no idea how I got it and initially no idea what to use it for. But on the front, it says ‘Watercolor sketch album’ so I started to use it with watercolors and pen.  On the back is a website and once I visited […]

Spring ’23

It is spring according to the calendar but it is cold, windy and it is raining. You might say, it is typical Dutch weather but after many months of this Dutch weather everybody is looking for a change. And there will be some. The humidity will drop from 90% to 80%. That is not enough. […]

Blackbird in my garden

The end of winter finally. I made two sketches and don’t really know which i like more. Maybe the initial simple one was the best.