Painting, Sketching & Enjoying Arts

Memories of KRK

When revisiting a place from my youth, I anticipated that my cherished old memories will collide with new experiences. Everything should have undergone a transformation after two decades.  In my case, the change should be even more pronounced since I was merely a high school boy during my vacations in Crikvenica, which was once part […]

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque extends a warm invitation to enter a captivating and beautiful world. It is adorned with a myriad of textures, intriguing calligraphy, and endless motifs on tiles. Throughout the mosque, there are hidden spaces where visitors can sit, admire, and immerse themselves in the sights and sensations. Although this place is […]


This oil painting aims to blend stability and movement by depicting feet and a violet skirt. By anchoring the feet to the floor tiles and positioning the skirt just above, I sought to create an intriguing composition. Additionally, incorporating a substantial amount of violet was a fresh approach, which required some experimentation to find matching […]


A visit to Oman requires careful planning due to the warm weather. Simply strolling around and exploring a city can be challenging. Consequently, one often finds oneself adopting the role of an average tourist, participating in guided tours and excursions. (While being taken to an oasis may be less adventurous than tirelessly searching for one, […]

Small White

There is a lot of dry earth between the rows of lavender In Provence. Usually there are small dusty stones on that dry earth but on one place I saw brown and yellow lichen. And on that lichen a ‘small white’ (Pieris rapae) was waiting to be photographed, sketched and painted. The Latin name is […]


Terschelling is an island in the northern part of the Netherlands. It is surrounded by Wadden Sea. This sea is an intertidal zone which actually means that tides play an important role. The water is shallow with wetlands. It is important area for birds and some animals but above all it is just beautiful nature. […]

Pear tree in the spring

There is a small pear tree in our small village garden and last year I started to sketch and paint it. It is nice to see how it wakes up in the spring and how the pears grow over time. This is a painting on a canvas board made in March 2022. I started painting […]

A Cat in a basket

A Cat in a basket This small oil painting of a cat in a basket has been inspired by the adoption of a cat by my uncle. I don’t know exactly how the adoption process worked.  Most likely the cat was hanging around and knowing my uncle, he started to feed it. The cat found […]

Nyenrode Business University

Working at Nyenrode Business University was a great pleasure because of the people but also because of the beautiful estate. That estate is the responsibility of a team of gardeners who also take care of some animals. To do their work they sometimes need a boat to cross the pond or clean the leaves that […]

A copy of Paul Gauguin’s painting

During the covid period we were all bound to stay at our homes and could not travel, visit museums, theaters, restaurants and many other places that make life so nice and adventurous. But there is always a possibility to read books and make imaginary travels from the comfort  of your home. From the artistic point […]