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Holiday Sketch album

Instead of creating a photo album, I opted to assemble a holiday sketch album. Taking photos is undoubtedly simpler, and perhaps  for capturing memories might even produce superior results. However, I found a lot of fun in sitting amidst the garden, attempting to immortalise a butterfly on paper. But it wasn’t easy. The scene of […]

Memories of KRK

When revisiting a place from my youth, I anticipated that my cherished old memories will collide with new experiences. Everything should have undergone a transformation after two decades.  In my case, the change should be even more pronounced since I was merely a high school boy during my vacations in Crikvenica, which was once part […]

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque extends a warm invitation to enter a captivating and beautiful world. It is adorned with a myriad of textures, intriguing calligraphy, and endless motifs on tiles. Throughout the mosque, there are hidden spaces where visitors can sit, admire, and immerse themselves in the sights and sensations. Although this place is […]


A visit to Oman requires careful planning due to the warm weather. Simply strolling around and exploring a city can be challenging. Consequently, one often finds oneself adopting the role of an average tourist, participating in guided tours and excursions. (While being taken to an oasis may be less adventurous than tirelessly searching for one, […]


Terschelling is an island in the northern part of the Netherlands. It is surrounded by Wadden Sea. This sea is an intertidal zone which actually means that tides play an important role. The water is shallow with wetlands. It is important area for birds and some animals but above all it is just beautiful nature. […]

Venice, Italy

Venice is probably my favorite place to be. My first visit was when I was very young and I remember only the ice cream and the boat that brought us there. As a student I decided to go there every second year during the Art Biennale. I have never missed a year except for the […]


Dubai is an amazing experience. You simply don’t know where to look and after some attempts a decision has been made to take a hop-on-hop-off bus. That sounds like a lazy option for uninterested tourists but that is not the case. It is a practical solution if you just have four days to see a […]

Cappuccino in Japan

After an adventurous 10 days walk in Japan there is a need for a cup of coffee. Japanese cuisine is wonderful but coffee is not a part of it. But all of a sudden near a main road of a small village there is a shop where some coffee might be on a menu. And […]

Wadden Sea National Park

walking over the dike on a misty day

Wadden Sea National Park is the northern part of the Netherlands. It is partly sea with impressive tides and partly a collection of islands. For me, it is the most beautiful part of the Netherlands. I have been there many times but usually during winter and autumn. The problem is (if there is a problem […]

Mont Ventoux

It is a famous mountaintop because of the many cyclists trying to reach it. But actually the whole region and not just the mountain is very popular among cyclists. Even in the fall when this painting was made, you see many having a holiday on a loaded bike or passing you by as a whirlwind […]