Painting, Sketching & Enjoying Arts

Drunken Master (Movie 1978)

Starting with Drunken Master as a first martial arts movie is great. The whole mysticism around kung-fu is broken into laughter. Jackie Chan knows best how to mesmerize you with his movements while at the same time keeps you smiling. The film was made in 1978 and connoisseurs call it martial arts comedy. It is […]

Permanent Vacation (Movie 1980)

Permanent Vacation A film made by Jim Jarmusch after he dropped out of film school. It shows. The main character is a troubled young man wandering in New York and meeting all kind of people. Finally he leaves for Paris. I think most holidays are more exciting than this permanent one. The rating is 6,2/10 […]

Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Movie 2010)

Cave of Forgotten Dreams is a documentary movie by Werner Herzog. It describes the research, but also the emotions around the  Chauvet Cave in Southern France. The cave is closed for public but it is extensively researched, digitalized and scientifically described. Despite all this knowledge the question remains: what was the cave used for and what […]

The Journey of the Comet (Movie 2009)

The Journey of the Comet is a lovely documentary of two retired teachers who transformed an old bus into a camper and start a journey. Their goal is to teach children (and some parents) basics of astronomy. Their bus is called the Comet and it slowly brings them  to remote places in Mexico until they […]

Respect (Movie 2010)

Respect So what to do when you are approx. 30 years old and just have been admitted to a Ninja school and your terror-Teddy doesn’t approve? The only way to find out is to watch a short movie directed by Benoit Forgeard. The movie (France 2010) is called Respect and shows that there is something […]

The African Desperate (Movie 2022)

The African Desperate Palace just graduated following a hilarious final interview with her teachers and has one day left before she is supposed to leave New York and go back to her family. There is a party to finalize the year and she doesn’t want to go but she goes. What follows is a colorful, […]

The Balcony (Movie 2021)

The Balcony movie More than 1,5 h looking at people from a balcony in Poland. People pass by and when asked, tell the most unexpected stories.  You don’t expect to keep you looking from someone’s balcony but I did. It was just fascinating. Small stories but important to people. The Balcony Movie is made […]

Nest (Movie 2022)

I made this sketch after watching a short film ‘Nest’ by Hlynur Palmason. It tells a story of building and enjoying a tree house by two boys and their sister (at least that is what it seems). The picture is made on 35mm colour film.  It gives us an impression of a short family film. […]