Painting, Sketching & Enjoying Arts

Haute Provence

In  Provence, whenever I walked my dog, I saw a tree in the middle of tall grass that seemed perfect to draw. First, I made a quick sketch, but then I decided it would be nice to paint it on a board. I started painting outside, but I couldn’t finish it in one go. The […]

Small White

There is a lot of dry earth between the rows of lavender In Provence. Usually there are small dusty stones on that dry earth but on one place I saw brown and yellow lichen. And on that lichen a ‘small white’ (Pieris rapae) was waiting to be photographed, sketched and painted. The Latin name is […]

Shanghai Chef

Shanghai is an amazing place. I have been there several times for fun or to visit my son who studied there. It was the time just before Covid and we walked through the city and enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere. Huge shops and malls can be situated just between smaller ones and private restaurants seem to […]

London Metro

What to do when in the London Metro travelling from one side of the city to the other? It turns out people do a lot. People read, chat, change shoes, listen to music, do the makeup, study the billboards etc. Most of the time I stared at people. The diversity is such that boredom is […]

The African Desperate (Movie 2022)

The African Desperate Palace just graduated following a hilarious final interview with her teachers and has one day left before she is supposed to leave New York and go back to her family. There is a party to finalize the year and she doesn’t want to go but she goes. What follows is a colorful, […]

The Balcony (Movie 2021)

The Balcony movie More than 1,5 h looking at people from a balcony in Poland. People pass by and when asked, tell the most unexpected stories.  You don’t expect to keep you looking from someone’s balcony but I did. It was just fascinating. Small stories but important to people. The Balcony Movie is made […]

Venice Biennale 2022

During the ’22 Venice Biennale (the Milk of Dreams) stayed in a wonderful hotel. Nothing really special except that on the 4th floor there was a balcony. In addition there were 3 days of sunlight in the morning at the end of November.  And, oh yes, there was a terrible rainy day too but […]

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an amazing place. Gambling is not my hobby but looking at people certainly is. And there is a lot to see. Stepping away from the busy area with beautiful hotels and fascinating decorations you may find yourself in the Las Vegas Mall. The colours are not yelling at you like on the […]

Nest (Movie 2022)

I made this sketch after watching a short film ‘Nest’ by Hlynur Palmason. It tells a story of building and enjoying a tree house by two boys and their sister (at least that is what it seems). The picture is made on 35mm colour film.  It gives us an impression of a short family film. […]