Painting, Sketching & Enjoying Arts

Holiday Sketch album

Instead of creating a photo album, I opted to assemble a holiday sketch album. Taking photos is undoubtedly simpler, and perhaps  for capturing memories might even produce superior results. However, I found a lot of fun in sitting amidst the garden, attempting to immortalise a butterfly on paper. But it wasn’t easy. The scene of […]

Memories of KRK

When revisiting a place from my youth, I anticipated that my cherished old memories will collide with new experiences. Everything should have undergone a transformation after two decades.  In my case, the change should be even more pronounced since I was merely a high school boy during my vacations in Crikvenica, which was once part […]

Small White

There is a lot of dry earth between the rows of lavender In Provence. Usually there are small dusty stones on that dry earth but on one place I saw brown and yellow lichen. And on that lichen a ‘small white’ (Pieris rapae) was waiting to be photographed, sketched and painted. The Latin name is […]

A Cat in a basket

A Cat in a basket This small oil painting of a cat in a basket has been inspired by the adoption of a cat by my uncle. I don’t know exactly how the adoption process worked.  Most likely the cat was hanging around and knowing my uncle, he started to feed it. The cat found […]

Child with a dove

Using ink I tried to recreate a picture Child with a dove by Picasso . A postcard with that picture was in my room when I was young. Someone has send it to me. It is an iconic painting that has an interesting provenance and an art-historical value but for me it is just a […]

My uncle’s house

My uncle invited me to visit him but unfortunately I could not. To good thing is that it gave me the opportunity to make a watercolour sketch of his house. The same house where I spend some summers as a child.

Small Sketchbook

It is really a small sketchbook. Just 9×9 cm. I have no idea how I got it and initially no idea what to use it for. But on the front, it says ‘Watercolor sketch album’ so I started to use it with watercolors and pen.  On the back is a website and once I visited […]

Spring ’23

It is spring according to the calendar but it is cold, windy and it is raining. You might say, it is typical Dutch weather but after many months of this Dutch weather everybody is looking for a change. And there will be some. The humidity will drop from 90% to 80%. That is not enough. […]

A walk with my dog

Sometimes in the morning, especially when it’s dark and cold, I  wished I had a cat instead of a dog. Once outside, I quickly forget all this and enjoy the walk. Very often I feel privileged to have the parc for myself. During our walks the sunlight is still  fragile and the parc wakes slowly […]

Mont Ventoux

It is a famous mountaintop because of the many cyclists trying to reach it. But actually the whole region and not just the mountain is very popular among cyclists. Even in the fall when this painting was made, you see many having a holiday on a loaded bike or passing you by as a whirlwind […]