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Alan Ford

Alan Ford was my preferred comic during my teenage years, and it continued to hold its charm for me later, whenever I managed to get my hands on one of those booklets. I found this comic appealing on various levels at different points in my life. During my adolescence, I enjoyed the humor, language, and illustrations. The narrative itself mirrors the chaotic nature of the characters. Alan Ford is an unemployed art designer. Bob fancies himself a detective. Grunf is an elderly German pilot, and an English Lord stealing from rich and poor. In addition there are two characters who spend their time sleeping and comically complaining. This crew of misfits is led by a Methuselah-like figure referred to as His Highnessy No 1. Together, they form a sort of freelance secret agency with its headquarters located in a flower shop in New York.

It wasn’t until much later that I realized it is a satire on capitalism, making it enjoyable to read even now. It’s a shame it hasn’t been translated from Italian to English; surely, more people would appreciate it, even in today’s context.

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